Our Training

Every Retriever is Unique and Trains at its Own Pace Regardless of our Needs and Wants...

Although we wish certain timelines could be met, often times a dog's understanding doesn't align with what we may want. They are on their own timeline and sometimes, regardless of a sound training approach, it just takes time. While not all dogs will fit into the "programs" below,  we want to outline the general steps to building each level of retriever.  Contact us for information regarding rates and availability.

One of the most important aspects of having your retriever professionally trained is the hand off at the end of training. Your retriever may be exceptionally talented and trained but without the proper training and consistency from you as a handler and owner, your retriever's skills will begin to erode. Generally after your dog's 1st or 2nd month of training we will begin the process of educating you as a trainer and handler by including you in our regular training. You are welcome to come back after your pup graduates for up to a year for free! Things will always come up and you will ahve questions. We want you to know the answers so come back and train for a tune up!!!

It is very important to us, that we together, take all the steps necessary to meet your expectations for your dog's training. It takes a lot of effort but we send weekly updates on your dogs progress. This ensures that you as an owner know how your dog is  progressing, the difficulties they are experiencing as well as the successes! You being informed about your retriever's progress helps us to make an informed decision on what path is best for your dog based on your goals for them. 

Started Gun Dog Program

In our Started Gun Dog Program we take your retriever through an established progression that will get them ready to compete at the Started or Junior Level in Hunt Tests or ready for their first season hunting with the basic skills. These skills are the foundation upon which more advanced work is built.

Every retriever will progress at their own pace but generally this program is from 3-4 months. 

Seasoned Retriever Program

Our Seasoned Retriever Program will build upon the foundation of the Started Gun Dog Program and will get retrievers ready for the Seasoned or Senior level in Hunt Tests. The basis for advanced blind retrieves will be established and simple blinds and double retrieves will be worked.

This stage of progression will vary greatly and may or may not be dependent on talent. It is difficult to define a time frame for completion of this program but in general will range from 4-6 months. 

Master Level Program

Master and Finished Level Retrievers are an amazing working animal! They have talent and drive but still maintain a level of partnership that makes them part of a team. This stage of training is highly specialized to individuals and introduces advanced concepts such as:

There is no time frame for the achievement of this level of retrieving since not all dogs will be capable of this type of advanced work.  Maintaining skills while expanding experiences is paramount at this level.