Purple Ear Cleaner

The "Purple Stuff" as many folks call it, is a really simple solution for dog ear cleaner. Our retrievers are constantly in the water and nothing is more annoying than having to keep them out of it due to an ear infection! I'm pretty skeptical when it comes to homemade recipes but this has really proven that skepticism wrong.

The recipe is very simple and if you look into what each component does its pretty benign! Here's the recipe:

      • 16 oz Witch Hazel

      • 4 TBSP Boric Acid Powder

      • 16 Drops Gentian Violet

I mix the ingredients in a shaker bottle and then store and apply in 8 oz squeeze bottle applicators that came with a handy funnel for filling. When my dogs go in the water they get a small squirt in each ear and an ear massage to make sure it penetrates. Following this routine I've had ZERO ear infections since I started. This mixture stains stuff purple so use some care.

Links below to the products that I use. Click on the pics. You'll probably need to get an eye dropper for measuring out the Gentian Violet. I really like these applicator bottles. I can fit a double batch into 4 bottles and the lids have been leak proof so far. I'm not a vet or a medical professional so disclaimer that you use this mixture at your own risk.

Witch Hazel

Boric Acid Powder

Gentian Violet

I was able to find this stuff at Rite Aid but I had to check a few stores. I do it all off amazon now just for convenience.

Shaker Bottle


Applicator Bottle

Pretty easy to find most of this at Walmart or Target but I like the Applicator Bottles in the link.