Annual Membership

"Whats good for the dog sport is good for me"

~ Jerry Leitch

Current Members should still submit an Annual Membership Application if they need to update their information. If not then no need to reapply. Please be sure to review the general rules of the property below. 

Please note that there are dates when clubs have reserved the grounds. Please be courteous of the clubs and do not train on the property while an event is going on unless you are attending. The Master Amateur Retriever Club is coming to WA in June and our property will be used as a pre-training site as well as a possible test site so we may have limited or no access to training during that time. 

Steps to become/renew a membership:

4. Hang a Vehicle Hang Tag (Please pick one up from Colin or we can send you one         in the mail by request).

Guests Accompanied by a Current Member:

General Rules for the Property

Your canine event looking for grounds to have a test on?

We offer dry camping on the property, subject to scheduling.